1. FOX is keeping the show alive for a reason.

Last November, it was announced that FOX was moving Fringe from its plum mid-week time slot to the deathly cauldrons of Friday night, when hardly anyone actually watches television, putting their DVRs to use instead. Naturally, the show’s loyal fans were up in arms, spewing profanity in the network’s direction for seemingly dooming the series. But the hate wasn’t entirely fair—most other networks would have canned the show without hesitation. What’s worse: watching Fringe go unnoticed on Fridays, or no Fringe at all?

The beloved program has never been a ratings behemoth, and its last two seasons have flirted with Nielsen statistics low enough to bring possible cancellation back into the blogosphere conversation. Yet, creatively, Fringe is still going strong; actually, it’s better than ever, rocking along as arguably one of TV’s best all-around shows. And we have FOX’s highly commendable faith in quality over viewership quantity to thank for this new, fourth season. Will there be a fifth? That’s where you come in, Fringe virgins—it’s time to wake up and smell Gene the cow’s dung.