The votes have been tallied and the indie games (selected from a pool of 70 nominees) that will be featured in Xbox Live Arcade’s Indie Uprising have been selected.  The event kicked off yesterday and each day a new game will be made available from now until September 2.  Each title will sell for 80 – 240 MS points, so if something catches your eye in the trailer below, go for it and support the indie developers.  Here’s the list of the Indie Uprising games:

Monday, August 22 – Raventhorne (240 MS Points)

Tuesday, August 23 – Battle High: San Bruno (80 MS Points)

Wednesday, August 24 – Cute Things Dying Violently (80 MS Points)

Thursday, August 25 – T.E.C. 3001 (240 MS Points)

Friday, August 26 – Doom and Destiny (240 MS Points)

Monday, August 29 – Take Arms (240 MS Points)

Tuesday, August 30 – SpeedRunner HD (240 MS Points)

Wednesday, August 31 – Train Frontier Express (240 MS Points)

Thursday, September 1 – Chester (240 MS Points)

Friday, September 2 – Redd: The Lost Temple (240 MS Points)


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[via Game Informer]