Chances are, if you came within ten yards of a PlayStation back in the mid-90s, you're familiar with a game called Twisted Metal. The vehicle combat smash hit made waves instantly by introducing a new brand of high-speed gameplay, marketed towards gamers who accepted virtual violence. While the original game spawned beaucoup sequels, David Jaffe and Eat Sleep Play are conducting a full-on reboot of the series, much to the excitement of gamers everywhere.

The above clip announces the new date of the title's release, after being recently delayed, and the date signals the death of a guy named Valentine. Yes, February 14, 2012, is the new release date, making its debut on the PlayStations 3. So, in this perfectly framed chintzy V-Day spectacle, you get your first look at the new weapons, environments, and vehicles featured in the reboot. Our favorite is, obviously, the Talon, a helicopter armed to the nines with a minigun turret.

Twisted Metal is optimized for both offline and online play, making it one of the best multiplayer experiences to look forward to in the next year. You can get it on Valentine's Day 2012 for $59.99.

Before you go, though, enjoy another look at the game, as we introduce you to one of Calypso's players: Dollface.

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