Wait a second, we thought Tiger Woods liked waitresses! Well, according to a recent report, the world's former greatest golfer may not be as eager to give out a tip (*cough*) as was previously thought.

The Miami New Times published its list of the worst celebrity tippers this week, and Tiger landed at No. 1. He's accused of taking back a $5 tip from a waitress at a $10,000 blackjack table after realizing he'd already tipped the server. He's also the "I never carry cash dude." You don't want to be that guy. Other celebs on the list include Madonna ($18 tip on a $400 tab), LeBron James ($10 on an $800 bill), and Jeremy Piven (signed Entourage DVD as tip). As for Tiger, well, what do you expect from a dude that eats at Perkins? Shots! [via Miami New Times]