In 2001, Marvel launched the title Spider-Man's Tangled Web, an anthology series that featured indie comic writers and artists working on Marvel’s most popular character in order to tell stories outside of the main continuity.

These tales were often much more artistically challenging and stimulating than most of the comics at the company and often saw the creators win numerous awards for their efforts. Marvel eventually canceled the title due to mediocre sales, though, and fans were once again saddled with the same old Spidey stories every month.

The title’s most accomplished storyline was Flowers For The Rhino, written by Peter Milligan with art by Duncan Fegredo. An homage to the classic sci-fi story Flowers For Algernon, Milligan's tale saw the dimwitted villain get a brain operation to turn him into a super genius. With his new intellect, the Rhino becomes a published author and criminal mastermind, but soon finds that his new intelligence makes it impossible to enjoy the things that he did while stupid. Now he must find a way to regain his low IQ and go back to the simpler life. 

Flowers For Rhino is a short, quirky story that adds much to the character’s personality and presents a social dilemma for audiences to mull over.