The Presidency is a stressful job that usually winds up causing the Commander in Chief to age much faster than the average Joe. Presidents often come into office as bright eyed idealists and leave as wrinkled husks of their former selves, barely able to think. Look at Reagan: The dude was so out of it by the end that he was found sitting on his dog in the middle of the White House grass thinking it was a riding mower.

Months into his term, President Obama’s hair was already turning grey, and now the once energetic young President is beginning to resemble Morgan Freeman. Someone needs to spruce this dude up and hand him some Just For Men. You can’t have the President aging like the Picture of Dorian Gray in front of a national audience on a weekly basis, so his wife, Michelle, should stop slapping cheeseburgers out of school children’s hands and give Barack his swag back.