Cheater: Tony Parker
Date Of Affair: 2010

Sexting sunk the marriage of Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria and NBA baller Tony Parker. Or did it? Longoria filed for divorce in November '09 after discovering hundreds of suggestive text messages sent between her husband and Erin Barry, the rather attractive wife of Parker's former teammate Brent Barry. Supposedly, these spicy convos were going on for nearly a year. Yet, sources (and Erin B.) vigorously claimed that things never turned physical it was just one of them new age things called "emotional cheating." Still, it seemed to some that there was more to it than that, especially since Erin and Brent Barry, who were friendly with the Parkers, were also getting divorced. In the weeks following the break-up, both Eva and Tony threw around accusations that both had cheated on each other—like real, traditional, exchange fluids cheating, not electro thumb fucking on a Blackberry. Whatever the case maybe, one thing is certain, Erin Barry is a cinnamon-skinned beauty.