Director: Rod Daniel
Stars: Michael J. Fox, James Hampton, Susan Ursitti, Jerry Levine, Mark Arnold, Mat Adler, Lorie Griffin, Mark Holton, Doug Savant
Lesson Learned: Some girls really do like hairy men.

It's the ultimate dream for any mediocre high school male: Scott Howard (Michael J. Fox) is a scrub on the basketball team, and an even bigger dud when it comes to the ladies. He has friends, sure, but not ones that will earn him any extra goodwill amongst the school's population of beautiful girls—shirts, like the one Scott's pal Styles wears, that say “What Are You Staring At, Dicknose?” aren't exactly chick magnets. Similar to any teenage guy who's forced to take his best girl-friend to the prom, Scott's in need of an edge.

Thankfully, his family's big secret is that they're lycanthropes, a.k.a. werewolves. But not the dangerous, Lon Chaney, Jr. kind; they're fun-loving, slam-dunking hairballs that women love and guys want to emulate.

In Teen Wolf's fantastical set-up, an average kid becomes exceptional in all aspects due to his inner wolf, which, if you're in the mood to analyze, is a horror-tinged metaphor for meek ones breaking out of their shells, so to speak. Though, in the innocently funny Teen Wolf's case, it's best to think less and chuckle more.