Director: Jeff Kanew
Stars: Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Timothy Busfield, Curtis Armstrong, Julia Montgomery, James Cromwell, Donald Gibb, Ted McGinley, John Goodman
Lesson Learned: Once the lights are off, blonde chicks can't tell the difference between a musclebound jock's body and a scrawny nerd's.

We're still not sure how Comic-Con has yet to use 1984's Revenge Of The Nerds as its official movie event, a required screening to rally the geeky troops, so to speak. The comic book fanatics' yearly congregation aside, Nerds is quintessential viewing for anyone who's deemed “un-cool” by jocks, cheerleaders, and other thought-to-be superior people.

The socially awkward brothers of Lambda Lambda Lambda represent the underdogs in all of us, and seeing them outwit the douchebag posse known as Alpha Beta never gets old. Nor does watching head nerd Lewis Skulnick (Robert Carradine) use his brainpower to fool the busty, hot blonde sorority girl (Julia Montgomery) into having sex with him. Sure, Revenge Of The Nerds is lowbrow funny, but it's also undeniably empowering.