Back-to-school season can be a stressful and depressing time for most college students. Trading in beach parties and hot hunnies for jam-packed classrooms and overnight cramming sessions is never an easy transition. And considering how professors pack their syllabi with tons of reading material, the notion of having to search and buy textbooks on a college budget just makes heading back to class less exciting. Fortunately, today’s undergrads can save themselves the headache of boxing through overcrowded campus stores (or Barnes & Nobles) and spending rolls of quarters on photocopies by doing their shopping on the Internet. Thanks to online retailers like Amazon and Campus Books, students can search through huge libraries and purchase, rent, or download textbooks at nearly half the original cost. So don’t be like the other 30 classmates in your Economics course procrastinating till the last minute to pick up their books. Do the math and get a jump start by browsing through The 5 Best Online Textbook Stores.

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