Adding haze around lights gives a dreamy feeling, and when combined with a lowered saturation and an amber cast, gets fairly close to the feeling of a summer dusk.

  • Under the Channels palette, cmd+click on the RGB channel to load the brightness levels as a selection.
  • Returning to the layers palette, create a new Curves layer. The selection is automatically loaded as the mask.
  • Alt+click on the mask icon on the Layers palette. A black and white representation of the mask will come up over the image. Hit cmd+m to bring up a Curves adjustment. This is adjusting the mask we’ve just loaded. Drag the leftmost point on that curve to the right, blacking out all but the brightest of white parts of the image. Click the eye icon on that layer to return to the normal view.
  • Select that layer mask icon and blur it via Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. 5 pixels works fine for me.
  •  Put a point at about 80% on that curve and pull it up. It’s brightening the area around the lights, with the blurry layer mask adding the haze factor.