24. Thunder Jackson's

Address: 169 Bleecker St.
Website: thunderjacksons.com

Order the Filthy Burger but be sure to know the rules. No cheese, no lettuce, no tomato, no ketchup, no mustard. If you want all those things, order some other burger on the menu (though you'll be settling for average then). See, the Filthy Burger is not your average burger, and— trust us—you’re not going to want/need those toppings.

First reason: The burger is dipped in honey. Which makes it the definition of the food pyramid's "Use Sparingly" category. Candied red meat, every health teacher’s dream. Oh, and it’s covered in garlic aioli, which packs a different sort of punch entirely. The most interesting part about the burger, though, is the chance you might hate it. Ordering it is a fun risk to take, because there are really only two options here, love or hate. The incredible sweetness can be too much for some people, like, for instance, those punks who complain about Coke being too sweet. 

Tip: Stop in at lunch for the $8 burger and beer special, Monday through Friday. It’s cheaper and you can avoid the rowdy frat-boy atmosphere that turns the place into a blend of Hooters, football, the word bro, and Coyote Ugly at about 6 p.m. every day.