9. Add Voice Overs To Your Movie

Voice overs can go two ways: They can add a personal touch and help with the narrative, or they can drag a movie down into the duldrums. If you feel like your movie can benefit from a guiding hand voice, you can add them easily in iMovie. 

  • Open your video project
  • Pick which clip (or clips) you would like to add a voice over to.
  • On the center bar in iMovie you will see a microphone icon—this is the Voice Over button. Click it. A window will pop up asking you which microphone input you would like to use and allow you to adjust the Noise Reduction. DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW. 
  • Go back to the clip(s) you would like to add the voice over to and, when you are ready to begin recording, click the clips and record. 
  • Press the Return key on your keyboard to stop.