Best Music Videos: “Tonight’s Da Night”, Redman (1993); “Nuttin’ But Love”, Heavy D & The Boyz (1994); “Triumph”, Wu-Tang Clan (1997); “Heartbreaker”, Mariah Carey feat. Jay-Z (1999)
Best Movies: Rush Hour (1998), The Family Man (2000), Red Dragon (2002)

Snarky film bloggers love to bitch slap Brett Ratner with their words, understandably so. He’s certainly directed a few shitty action movies, like 2004’s After The Sunset and 2006’s near-franchise-killer X-Men: The Last Stand, but Ratner has also helmed a few creative triumphs, particularly the well-acted, slickly directed, and altogether thrilling Silence Of The Lambs prequel Red Dragon. It’s not like Ratner should give a damn about the naysayers—those Rush Hour movies by themselves have generated enough cash for the Hollywood Enemy Number One to sit back, relax, and count bills.

In addition to enormous funds, Ratner also has the appreciation of rap dudes and chicks raised on Yo! MTV Raps; if he doesn’t, then he really should. After working with ex-3rd Bass member Prime Minister Pete Nice for his debut videos, Ratner went on to call shots for Redman, LL Cool J, Heavy D, and Wu-Tang. The above “Triumph” video alone should pardon The Rat from excessive slander. Assuming his next action-comedy, Tower Heist (led by Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy), doesn’t bomb atomically.