Network: CBS
Director: Bill L. Norton
Stars: Cornel Wilde, Jennifer Salt, Grayson Hall, Bernie Casey, Scott Glenn

Gargoyles is a unique inclusion on this countdown. Unlike the other films here, this campy TV movie is one that requires an ample amount of nostalgia; without it, Gargoyles most likely seems like a cheaply made and unbearably silly romp. Those who first watched the flick as kids, though, reserve a special place in their ghoul-loving hearts for this tale of an anthropologist and his super-hot daughter (Jennifer Salt, bless her 1972 self) who run across a gang of green goblins after uncovering a mysterious skeleton.

The plot, after starting off controlled and suspenseful, eventually veers off into a ridiculousness, and the gargoyles themselves mostly look like football players in rubber suits. But the main villain, the Gargoyle King (played by former NFL participant Bernie Casey), is an imposing, Satanic force, and, again, Jennifer Salt looks fierce in her belly shirt. Tack her sexiness onto the fact that Gargoyles also happened to be the late special effects master Stan Winston’s debut gig and you’ve got a genre classic for apologetic viewers.