Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two years, you probably know who the Gosselin family is (forgive the awful cliché, but it'd be a valid excuse). Famously making their transition into full on famewhores over the years right before our eyes, the formerly married couple of Jon and Kate are mere shadows of their old selves—crazy, manic shadows with bad highlight jobs and too many Ed Hardy T-shirts.

When Jon and Kate's marriage dissolved, thanks to their inability to handle their sudden reality stardom, Jon left the show (or was kicked off, whichever) and it was renamed Kate Plus 8, which still rhymed quite nicely. But the fact of the matter remained, that the kids, their kids, went through all of that with cameras documenting their every move, enough to drive anyone mad, let alone someone under the age of ten.

It seems almost wrong to watch any clips from the show now with the fact in mind that, seriously, these kids probably never had a shot at being well-adjusted (and they seem to know it, too). One day, when they read all the tabloid stories about their parents, it'll only get worse. Or maybe they'll just laugh at all the ridiculous Ed Hardy outfits their dad wore. Either way, the future's not lookin' too bright.