When these guards perform a clothed search on each of the incoming teens, they don't hesitate to slam the kids with their knowledge of what goes on behind the not-so-closed doors in their prison. Asking the teens to stand with their arms spread out, the guard instructs them not to hold hands, before thoughtfully adding a little gem of a quote.

"Some of you, I can tell already, will be made and turned into their lovers," he says seriously, as the camera pans to the toothpaste kid, Julio, who's got an odd sort of smirk on his face, but we can assume that's from the paralyzing fear.

Also, we have to ask, what's with Julio's claim that he was stabbed and nearly killed five times? You'd hope that, after, say, about the third time, he might think that maybe he'd be a little tired of almost dying, but clearly he finds some appeal in it because he talks like it's a badge of honor. The only explanation we can come up with is that perhaps he turns the quite literal pain into art (he claims to be a "rapper"), since that's not terribly uncommon. But, you know, that's not really a theory we'd like to test out.