Last month, we reported skeptically (and a little hopefully) that Sony would be releasing a Virtual Boy-looking wearable 3D wearable headset after the company unveiled a prototype at the 2011 CES.

Well, in a slightly surprising update—but not really because Sony needs money—the tech giant is actually releasing the product. The head-mounted 3D visor, dubbed the “HMZ-T1,” and is set to be released in Japan on Nov. 11. The product features dual 1280x720 0.7-inch OLED panels, one in front of each eye. Combined, the contraption gives the impression of looking at a 750-inch screen from 20 meters away, while bumpin’ 5.1 surround sound via integrated headphones.

It seems from the press release that the personal display is for viewing purposes only for now—it doesn’t have a built-in gaming feature and needs to be remain connected to a processor unit (which has an HDMI input and output). Price is set to hover around the $800 mark.

[via Engadget]

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