Radio is like the senile old grandpa at family reunions. Without it, we wouldn’t be here, but now we have to pretend like we’re appreciative that it’s eating a pound-and-a-half of potato salad and spouting off inappropriate, outdated rants.  

That said, if anybody cares, Sirius XM is soon to be rolling out its Satellite 2.0 service. For comparison’s sake, in the same time it has taken Sirius XM to get to 2nd generation technology, we’ve practically gone from the tail-end of the Nokia-brick era to fifth generation smartphones. But fear not! This is exciting stuff! 

Version 2.0 will have even MORE programming, and you will be able to PAUSE and REWIND broadcasts! Just like every other aspect of the recorded-audio industry besides radio since the birth of the 8-track! SiriusXM 2.0 will also feature personalized music stations a la Pandora (See? SXM employees keep up with what’s fresh), as well as on-demand listening. 

But just in case you thought SiriusXM was learning to keep up with the rigorous pace of the tech world, the 2.0 option will not be available in cars until 2013. Right around the release of the iPhone 9G, probably.

[via Engadget]