A world without hangovers would be a better one than what we have now. Of course one possible solution would be to not drink, but that's stupid. Instead we will always have to fight the pounding headaches, impossibly dry mouths, and crushing nausea that accompanies a night of too much (just right?) drinking.

Enter Drinkwel, a company from L.A. offering a "a healthier night out" in the form of horse pills to be consumed before and after drinking. Complex put them to the test.

Before the night began, I downed three Drinkwel multivatimans with a large glass of water. The multivitamins are the color of dried mustard, the result of blending about 35 different ingredients, one of which is taurine, the active ingredient in Red Bull. Mostly, though, the pill is a cocktail of different vitamins and dried botanicals, stuff like milk thistle and atrichoke leaf powder. The guiding princple seems to be if you pump your body full of nature, you can fight the awful things you previously did to it.

Whiskey and beer comprised the awful things I put into myself on the night of the Drinkwel experiment. Lots of beer, more whiskey.

When I returned to the Drinkwel stash, sometime around 3 a.m., I took the remaining three pills before going to stare at myself in the mirror a la Drake in the "Marvin's Room" video. More often than not my nights conclude in this fashion.

In the morning, I woke up and like a person just coming to after a car accident, I gingerly tested my body for pain. I lifted my head from the pillow, waiting for the hammer smack of a hangover. And there it was. My mouth felt like a desert and the sun coming through the blinds hurt in a way that seemed willful.

Now, my hangover not being totally obliterated by Drinkwel could be a result of other factors. On the little tip sheet that accompanied the multivitamins, it was recommended that you not mix different drinks and that you "drink less." I ignored both of those tips.

Still, what Drinkwel asks you to do is a little much. Not only do I have to swallow three big pills before I drink, I have to remember to take three more before I pass out? When I'm twisted, I often forget to do things. I forget it's a bad idea to tweet about Drake. I forget it's a bad idea to operate a bike. I forget it's a bad idea to holler at women from said bike. That I'd forget to take three more pills is highly likely. Also, the pills are large.

A world without hangovers is still out of our reach. Water, rest, and greasy food are still the best methods. Drinkwel charges $39.95 for a container of multivitamins. Complex recommends that you spend that money on more drinks and a couple bottles of water.

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