Want to see a geeky-yet-awesome marriage proposal done through a custom map in Portal 2?  No?  Then get the hell out, there’s nothing here for you!  For anyone still here, this creative, cute and expertly-crafted method to pop the big question was hatched when Gary Hudston hired a level designer to craft three love-themed Portal 2 levels to propose to his (then) girlfriend.  The project grew from there and eventually he was able to get Ellen McLain (voice of GLaDOS) to lend her vocal talents to the script he wrote.  The proposal was a success and you can see the cinematic version below or the full levels by clicking here.  Oh, and don’t save a slice of wedding cake for good luck on the first anniversary.  That’s just gross and it won’t bring you any fortune.  Remember, the cake is a lie.

[via PC Gamer]