From summer blockbusters to genre cult classics and foreign films, Hollywood has never seen a movie that it wouldn't desecrate with a remake in the pursuit of moviegoers' cash. No matter how awful they are—and often, cast with teen-friendly actors, forced into a 3D format, and stripped of the soul that made the source material great, they are dreadful—ignorant young audiences and curious, nostalgic older fans still pay overpriced admission for the dreck.

This week, Hollywood gives us not one but two highly-anticipated remakes. For fantasy and action fans, there's a reimagining of Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1982 classic Conan The Barbarian, now starring Jason Momoa as the titular revenge-driven warrior, Rachel Nichols as his ass-kicking love interest, and Rose McGowan as a sadistic witch with some disturbing daddy issues. Moviegoers who enjoy a good scare with a good laugh get Colin Farrell starring as a badass bloodsucker in director Craig Gillespie's reworking of the 1985 vampire horror-comedy Fright Night. (Horror remakes are often the worst of the worst, but occasionally, as with this commendably fun flick, they actually get it right.)

Oh, but it don't stop after that. In the next 12 months, remakes of Sam Peckinpah's 1971 revenge pic Straw Dogs, the 1984 Kevin Bacon-starring teen dance flick Footloose, and another Schwarzenegger classic, 1990's Total Recall, are all slated to hit theaters. With so many flicks being revisited—some rather randomly—Complex analyzes the remake trends to predict what movies you should expect to be remade next, and just how studios will flip them up to appeal to younger audiences.