Spider-Man is dead! Well, not the original Spidey that was created in 1962; instead, we’re talking about the Ultimate version of the character that was launched in 2000. The Ultimate incarnation of the hero was created to update the wall crawler for the new millennium, not to mention capture the attention of new fans that didn’t want to struggle with four decades of back-story.

Even though Ultimate Spider-Man was routinely on the top of the sales charts every month, the good folks at Marvel decided that Peter Parker had outlived his usefulness. So, they killed him off in June’s Ultimate Spider-Man #160. But instead of just letting Spidey rot in the ground, the company thought it would be best to have someone new take over the mantle.

USA Today has revealed that Miles Morales, a half-Latino, half-African American teenager, will become the new Spider-Man in Ultimate Fallout #4, due out this Wednesday.

Is this racial change just for the sake of grabbing headlines, or does writer Brian Michael Bendis actually have a plan in store for the character? We’ll see as the stories evolve over the next few months.

[Via USA Today]