During the Halo Fest event held out at PAX Prime, Microsoft had a little something special on hand for the die-hard Halo fans. The company commissioned master-modder Ben Heck to create 8 custom, wireless Duke controllers for the Xbox 360. For those who don’t know, the Duke is the nickname that has been given to the massive first generation Xbox controllers that launched alongside the original Halo.

Although the controller has often been criticized for its size, Halo fans seemed to take a liking to the controller as it seemed to for the original Halo game perfectly. With the upcoming release of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary for the Xbox 360, could Microsoft potentially be releasing a new version of the Duke for the modern console?

While nothing has been made official, this isn’t something that we would immediately rule out. The demand for Halo is unlike anything many other games have achieved, and anything branded with the Halo license is sure to draw a high demand. It wouldn’t be surprising to see at least a limited run of these new controllers for the 2011 Holiday season. Check out the video above to get a first-hand look at the special versions crafted for this weekend’s events.

[via Kotaku]