You have to love a game developer who is not afraid to say, “Screw you!” to the typical design formula and be true to the type of game they want to make.  Flying Wild Hog has done just that with their first-person shooter, Hard Reset.  So how are they breaking conventions? Well, first of all, the game is a single-platform PC exclusive.  In a market dominated by consoles, this is a bold move especially for a shooter.  In addition, the game has no multiplayer modes, no regenerating health mechanic and the enemy encounters avoid the “on-rails” feel of heavily scripted games.  With that feature lineup, Hard Reset feels like old school classic shooters like Quake and Doom, which is definitely something to keep your eyes on when it releases in September.  For a full interview about Hard Reset click the source link and enjoy the gorgeous gameplay trailer while you’re enjoying your morning java. [via Gamespot]