Read this number carefully: 2,000,000. That right there is the amount of online viewers who were lured by the glow of EVO 2011. You can bet that more than half of them were focused on Noah Solis, an eight-year-old gaming wunderkind. He was knocking the stuffing out of people in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, much to our chagrin, and placed in the top 48 at the video game tournament. His talents have already taken him out of minor leagues and placed him in the majors, as Solis has become the newest member of the competitve gaming team — The Traveling Circus.

According to the young prodigy, himself, he says, "I went with TTC as my sponsor because they treat me good, they are nice people, they give me hope in my future, and they believe in my ability." "I like their name. They are nice to me, and my dad is comfortable with their character and my brothers approve." Dig this, though — not only will Noah get paid to ether gamers in tournaments across the globe, he'll also do it wearing his own clothing line. If this kid's fashion style is anything like his gaming acumen, Noah Solis may end up more like Gucci than Gouken.

Watch for yourself to see the skills this kid has and we'll keep you posted when his wares shows up on the Traveling Circus' website.

[via Joystiq]