Not gonna lie, we're still kinda bummed that Snooki won't be partaking in this season of Dancing With the Stars, because the cast is kinda disappointing without her. It seems that a lot of people have been voicing their opinion when it comes to the recently announced list of contestents for the reality show, but for a completely different reason – apparently, they're sort of miffed that Chaz Bono, arguably the most well-known transgender person in the country, is going to be a participant.

Fans have been attacking the show's network, ABC since the announcement, sending messages expressing their prejudice against and discontent with the casting decision. "Chaz Bono How low can this show sink. Well you have certainly addressed the gay commuity. Guess this will not be a family show any longer!!!! Lost my family!" One comment read, according to The Wrap. And that's not even the worst of them.

Sadly, it's not uncommon for participants of competition-themed reality shows like Dancing With the Stars to hide their sexuality for fear of, well, this happening. The only hope for the world we can hold on to after this is that some people were defending Chaz in their messages, calling out others and accusing them of bigotry. 

[Via The Wrap]

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