Where: 8 Stuyvesant St.
Website: n/a

Craving late night Japanese yakatori while indulging yourself with beer? This is the place to be. Loud and scrambling servers set the scene at Village Yokocho. The wait for a seat may vary after midnight, due to the influx of the drunk and the hungry.

Probably one of New York's top Izakaya establishments, Village Yokocho has a variety of "tapas" dishes to compliment the beer or sake you'll be drinking. My favorite is the chicken meatball skewer which is always grilled to perfection, making it hard to order just one.

Many items are ordered a la carte or in combinations based on your preference. With the "Take" and "Tsuki" combination you get the best of both worlds, with grilled and deep fried skewers. The "Take" grilled combination is served with a chicken skewer with scallion, a beef skewer, a chicken ball skewer, a pork skewer, and a duck with scallion skewer.

The "Tsuki" deep fried combination is served with a chicken and scallion skewer, pork with onion skewer, fish with basil skewer, a eggplant skewer and a side of lotus root. Other home runs are the fried squid legs, the "Takayaki" (battered octopus ball with bonito flakes and dried seaweed) and the "Enoki Butter" (Enoku and shiitake mushroom with butter sauce served in tin foil).

Don't expect your clothes to smell like fresh laundry after eating at this spot. Do expect to unbuckle your belt because your belly will be filled with Japanese yakatori goodness.

Open till 3 a.m. on the weekends.