RIM’s latest news is the surprise launch of the new BlackBerry Torch 9810 via AT&T later this month, followed by the Torch 9860 and Bold 9900 later this year. “What’s different about it?” or, “Is this really a non-gimmick, worthwhile update released conspicuously at a time when the company is in pretty desperate need of some good PR?” one might be tempted to ask. That person would just be a fool for pondering that, though. This is AT&T’s first 4G BlackBerry* you guys! People are clamoring for this new Torch!

Wait… please don’t go! What if I told you that it’s got a full QWERTY keyboard! A 1.2 GHz processor! 8 GB of memory! Why are you yawning? 32 GB of expandable storage! Wait, wait! Come back! It’s 4G! FOUR motherf***ing G’s!!! RIM’s doing just fine! I swear!

*Not really

[via Engadget]