A new blockbuster bombshell: got it. A nude photo scandal: check, and filed into "2010 Tax Documents" on our desktop.  A newly crowned Duchess of Cambridge: OK, we had to write that one into the yearly list. Overall, even though we're only halfway through 2011, it's turning out to be a fulfilling year in the world of hot girls who exist solely in the media and not in our own real lives. Thanks to Blake Lively and her pants trvaeling from A-list actor to A-list actor, and to Justin Bieber for making us double-take on Selena Gomez, our eyes have been sufficiently, albeit shallowly, entertained by Hollywood's favorite muses of the moment.

But we don't carry around delusions of any personal connection to these celebrities, regardless of how being retweeted by them makes us feel. Truthfully, with this list, all we care to do is admit the fact that the these ten women have made '11 a little more exciting, a little more enticing, and, yes, a little less lonely after we realized our New Year's resolution of honestly changing our Facebook status to "In A Relationship" isn't exactly panning out.

Although 365 days haven't been completely crossed off the calendar and some of these women could find see fame dissipate by year's end, we're honoring the 15 Hottest Women Of 2011 (So Far), for our own sense of nostalgia, just in case any of these women fall off by January 2012.