It’s never OK to steal from a boss; not only will you lose your job, but you’ll also have a permanent stain on your record, thus tainting any chances of obtaining future employment. That is, of course, if you work a regular nine-to-five somewhere, and you’re not employed by a ruthless drug lord of Pablo Escobar’s caliber.

We can’t imagine that it was much fun to work for the Colombian narcotics kingpin even if you kept your nose clean and followed the boss’s orders; however, pissing a check-writer like Escobar off is enough to ruin anyone’s day, and life.

As the story goes, Escobar punished a servant for stealing silverware from him by having him tied up and thrown in the swimming pool to drown—in front of partygoers at his estate—as a message to his other workers. Personally, we’d prefer a pink slip.

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