It's strange to think that Julianne Moore is a half-century old. Having seen the Academy Award-nominated actress' latest flick, Crazy, Stupid, Love (in theaters tomorrow), she still looks the same as she did in Boogie Nights, circa 1997. Exactly the same. We know what you're thinking: plastic surgery. Well, whether she's had any work done or not, fortunately we can't tell. What we see is a prospective cougar, i.e. a potential Mrs. Robinson.

But Moore isn't the only MILF/possible GILF who's had us questioning our taste for the immature Forever 21-wearing women of our own generation—she's in good company with many other A-list actresses and supermodels. We know who's on your mind; now, let us project it back to you with this countdown of the 10 Hottest Women Over 50.