It's never been easier to become distracted at work. Between blogs, YouTube, Instant Messenger, Twitter, Facebook, and, for the select few of you, Google+—not doing work while at work has never been so enjoyable. However, according to a Swiss professional public speaker named Matthias Poehm, the biggest threat to in-office productivity and creativity is, in fact, a productivity tool: Microsoft PowerPoint

Poehm believes so strongly that PowerPoint is a creative black hole that he founded the Anti-PowerPoint Party (APPP), a new quasi-political party whose goal is to "influence the public to put a stop to the phenomenon of idle time in the economy, industry, research and educational institutions." Let him tell it (which he has), this can be done by doing away with not only Microsoft's presentation software, but all presentation programs. The APPP claims software like PowerPoint is responsible for $500 billion in lost productivity. 

To combat it, APPP has been collecting signatures so it could get the issue on the ballot in Switzerland to get the software banned. You can't make this stuff up. 

[via Fast Company]

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