It's funny how Hollywood's psychic hotline works. The day before the 2011 Emmy Award nominations were announced, Sons Of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter (pictured above) prophetically tweeted that neither his show nor his wife, actress Katey Sagal, would receive any nods. Sagal, who won a Golden Globe in January for her role as motorhead matriach Gemma Morrow, was not considered a contender in the Best Drama Actress category.

Nobody seems to be more upset about Sons of Anarchy not receiving any props than Mr. Sutter, and we understand why; it cost him a threesome. "Katey promised me a threesome if she won," the multi-hyphenate maniac tweeted. "Now, I have to settle for me, her, and the shaved bunny."

Sutter, who also plays imprisoned SAMCRO member Otto, went on to blast the Emmy voting committee, the shutout of David Simon's Treme and Frank Darabont's The Walking Dead, and even had a few extra bullets in the clip for Fox's GLEE.

"Fuck GLEE. Hate those annoying, 'Please accept me for who I am,' singing brats. There, I said it. Are you happy?" Yes, we are, but we're not so sure this will help you to be a shoo-in for a 2012 nomination, though.

[via Deadline]

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