In the upcoming cheesy, high-concept comedy "The Change-Up," Olivia Wilde,  a regular on Fox's "House" and former Maxim Hot 100 champion (not to mention Complex covergirl), strips down to her birthday suit. Or at least that's what it will look like when movie-goers see the film on August 5. In reality, Wilde wasn't actually naked at all-- the nipples that appear on screen are big, fat phonies.

Originally, the well-bone-structured actress filmed the nude scene while wearing pasties to cover her breasts-- a common practice on movie sets. The movie's lead, Ryan Reynolds, was supposed to be blocking the pasties with his body so they wouldn't be visible. But while editing the film in post, the filmmakers realized Wilde's pasties were clearly in frame. To paint themselves out of a corner,  they decided to whip up some digital nipples in After Effects.

"I wasn't actually naked but now appear to be naked because... in that scene Ryan Reynolds is supposed to be covering them (with his body) and he moved and so the pasties were in the movie and so they had to paint in nipples using CGI. And I got to approve the nipples! They sent me an email saying, 'Please review nipple cover shot one through seven and decide which one is most like the original.' I don't know what he (producer) was using as source material... but I think it's pretty close," says Wilde.

Come on, Hollywood. First Jessica Alba, and now this?? THIS IS SCIENCE GONE TOO FAR.