If you're one of the many Netflix subscribers that enjoy streaming movies and TV shows as much as you like checking your mailbox for that little red envelope, we have some bad news to report. Netflix has announced that it is restructuring its streaming and DVD plans. The $9.99 all-you-can-watch, unlimited streaming and (one and a time) DVD rental plan is no more. In its place will be two separate plans—one for streaming and one for DVDs—that will cost $7.99 each.

Of course, you can combine those two plans for a super-plan that will run you $16 a month. If you want the luxury of renting two DVDs at once as well as unlimited streaming, you'll have to pay $18 a month. And no, this is not only for new subscribers. Current subscribers will not get to keep their current plans. Changes will take place on September 1. Sounds like the beginning of the end. You've been warned. 

[Netflix Blog via Life Hacker]

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