The quickest way to kill a new television show? Make it top-heavy with talent. Apparently, Simon Cowell missed that memo, as he's reportedly added Mariah Carey to the ever-growing roster of stars ready to join The X Factor this fall.

According to EW, Carey will mentor contestants this fall. “Mariah and Simon are great friends, and now [that] she has had her babies, it’s very possible that she will be involved [in] some way in the later stages of the show. She has always said she wanted to work with the show, so it’s something they will certainly be discussing ideas for soon.”

Carey joins Cowell, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid and Nicole Scherzinger on the talent competion series, which begs the question: why is Simon stocking up stars when America Idol effectively made stars. Shouldn't his new show try a similar track for the judges/hosts?

[via EW]