Montreal’s Handsome Furs is a duo consisting of Dan Boeckner, who also plays guitar in the thunderous (and now indefinitely on hiatus) rock group Wolf Parade, and his wife, Alexei Perry. Following in the footsteps of bands like Suicide and Joy Division, they marry the cold, calculated beats of vintage drum machines to the anthemic spirit of Springsteen or John Cougar Mellencamp. Sound strange? It works, if for no other reason than the power of the couple’s powerful vocal delivery—Boeckner possesses one of the most compelling male voices in rock music today, and Perry’s higher register cuts right through the wall of synth and trebly guitar that the two of them build on their new album, Sound Kapital. Neither one of them are particular hard on the eyes, either, which doesn’t hurt anything.

Handsome Furs
Wednesday, July 27
8 p.m.
Triple Rock Social Club
629 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis
Tickets $10