Entourage returns on Sunday for its final eight episodes, but that doesn't mean the show will be gone for good. The cast and crew want a movie (even if no one else really does), and they've already got some people in mind for cameos. Like President Barack Obama. Wait, what?

Obama is a noted big fan of the series (Ari Gold is based on Ari Emanuel, brother of former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel), and the boys from Entourage have always wanted him to appear.

"We thought maybe there was a chance we could get him to do something. But it didn't happen," Kevin Dillon told the New York Daily News. Not that Jeremy Piven is worried. "We'll get him for the movie."

Har! Oh, Pivs. You joker. Now Bill Clinton, his schedule might be a little more open...

[via OK!]