What do you get when you add a couple of HBO mainstays and throw in the really hot, kick-ass Firefly girl? You have the ingredients for one geektastic cinematic escapade in the form of The Knights of Badassdom, starring Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), and sexy succubus Summer Glau.

Dinklage, along with Steve Zahn, play Eric and Hung, two live-action role playing afficianados who decide their depressed roommate, Joe (Kwanten) needs to join in their fake-armor foolery. Knights of Badassdom will be in big Hall H for this week's San Diego Comic-Con festivities and looks to be on point to woo audiences. We think they'll have no problem as Glau will play a fellow LARPer who is actually not bad with a sword.

Think The Hangover meets Role Models. As director Joe Lynch (the guy behind the 2007 direct-to-video horror sequel Wrong Turn 2) preps for the response from nerds all over the world, we'll just sign up for some personal role-playing time with River Tam.

[via Entertainment Weekly]