DJ Caruso, a former Steven Spielberg protege with movies like Disturbia, Eagle Eye and I Am Number Four under his belt, has announced a very nontraditional new project for his next film. He's teaming up with Intel and Toshiba to produce Inside, an "interactive social horror film experience."

The movie stars Emmy Rossum of Shameless and The Day After Tomorrow fame and will ask viewers online to participate as a girl who has been trapped in a prison-like room attempts to escape. Anyone can audition for various roles in the film by going here. Casting ends July 20th.

Via social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, users will be able to affect the storyline for Rossum's character a la one of those old Choose Your Own Adventure books.

“Inside is a live entertainment experience, blending film and social media,” says the website. “You can play a part through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. So, stay connected. There will be many twists and turns, and you can keep up with them in real time.”

The film premieres on July 25th and will play out online until August 4th. The whole thing will be screened online August 14th.

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