Patrick Judabong - photographer, DJ, and founder of the Fat Bastard Crew, known to the world as Buddhabong. He has traveled the world in search of stunning images, great beats, and the best eats. Currently, you can catch him getting fat in and around New York City.

Bananas aren’t just for monkeys. Humans in America consume 28 pounds of bananas each year, and I am one of them. According to the FDA, bananas can lower the risk of heart attack and stroke, as well as decrease your risk of getting cancer. Many people appreciate bananas for their protein, potassium, and iron. But not me!

I love bananas for the magic that happens when they're combined with other dessert ingredients. If you're a dessert lover like me, finding the best banana infused desserts in New York is not only a recreational quest, it's a necessity. From shakes to cakes to breads, I've scoured the concrete streets of New York to provide you with my current top 5.

Fat Bastard Crew Approved!

*Side note: banana cream pie is not included on this list because it's so damn good that it deserves its own recognition (which is coming soon).