Spuyten Duyvil

Address: 359 Metropolitan Ave.
Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

For all beer snobs, Spuyten Duyvil throws down the gauntlet. You may think you know all there is to know about beer, but with a stock of over 100 brews, this place poses a challenge: How much do you know? And how much can you drink? Going international with their selection, this homey bar offers suds from Belgium, France, Sweden, Japan, and Finland, effectively staying out of the German-only lane. Try a malty Trappistes Rochefort or a nutty Double Kross Brown if you’re ready to upgrade your brew game. Sans the ever so popular gastropub fare, Spuyten keeps it simple with cheese and meat plate snacks like Gjetost (caramelized goat cheese) or Tasso (ham). Mash those up and you’ve got a Tasso Gjetost sandwich.