It looks like we can call off the media hounds: Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready for his close-up, again. After putting all his plans for a comeback on hold in the midst of a post-political scandal, The Governator has settled on South Korean filmmaker Kim Ji-woon's (I Saw The Devil) English-language debut, The Last Stand, as his first major "comeback" film role.

A spokesman for the actor confirmed to Deadline that, since the dust has settled around his infidelities with the hired help, he'll board the Lionsgate feature. In it, Schwarzenegger will play "a small-town sheriff who must make a stand when a drug cartel leader tries to make a run for the Mexican border." Sounds like something the former Governator could have tried to do when his ex-wife, Maria Shriver, got the DNA report on lil' Arnie.

The studio plans to release the movie sometime next year alongside Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, which also stars an Austrian actor, Christoph Waltz.

[Via Deadline]

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