Turns out, maybe Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino left the Jersey Shore too soon—he might be needing those paychecks after all. According to TMZ, the Sitch's former managers at Gotham NYC Entertainment are suing him for about $1 million in damages after he ditched them, citing "lack of performance."

Long story short, his former reps are pissed that they've lost their only cash cow (considering that their other clients aren't particularly recognizable at all) and want some cash to ease the pain. According to the suit, Mike was supposed to give 30 days notice before bolting, as well as express his concerns that they were sucking their jobs so they'd have a chance to fix their mistakes.

That would be fair enough if they hadn't gotten cocky later and claimed to have plucked Sorrentino "from relative obscurity to become an international celebrity."


[Via TMZ]