Apple iPad

Year released: 2010 

Just Blaze: "A lot people's criticism was that the iPad was that it is just a big-ass iPhone or a big-ass iPod Touch. That's what makes it great. All it is, is a big-ass iPhone and that's exactly what I want. After I got it, I realized it was the device I was always looking for. Let me give you an example. At home I have a Mac Mini that runs X and Xbox Media Center. I have a server at home that I built by hand that has all my music, all my movies, everything—all the computers and all the TVs are networked to this computer. I can access any movie or any song from anywhere I am. I was always searching for touchscreen remotes that to interface well with the set-up I  built at home. I've spent thousands of dollars on them. I bought a Pioneer universal remote, that was about the  same size as the iPad, to control all the movies and all the music and I never got to program the way I wanted it to—programming it was a bitch. One day, I didn't screw in a light fixture properly and it crashed down and broke it. I wasn't going to buy another one, so I was searching for a cheaper alternative. 

"Sometimes I'm going on a short trip and I'm like, Damn, I don't want to bring my 17-inch MacBook Pro. And I don't really want to bring my MacBook Air, either. I needed something to do some light computing. Sometimes I'll be out DJing and I'll want to live stream the event. In order to stream it I had to use a tablet PC—a Samsung Q1—tethered to a Sprint mobile card and that's how I would live stream the event. Or sometimes I'd be at a family event and I'd want something I could take pictures with, shoot a little video with, share some video with a family member who couldn't be there. I had a Sony UX that I would connect to wi-fi, but it was very thick and cumbersome, kind of like carrying a netback. 

"When I got the iPad, I went through the App Store and I'm getting these applications and I thought to myself, This is what I wanted the entire time. Something I can use as a remote for my TV. Something I can use to remotely control my computers. Something I can use to stream family events to family members who aren't there. Something I can use to stream shows and events. Something I can use to control the drapes in my house. Something I can use to jot down a quick musical idea and maybe even record a little vocals into it. I always wanted put a TV in my shower. It's very cost prohibitive to do so—I have to break through the wall and all that, but now I don't have to. I'm not a tree hugger but if I can help out and make things look cool I will. Something I always wanted to do in my studio was have a touchscreen where people can write their lyrics down on something that  didn't have to be paper, and when they're done, they can save it and have it e-mailed to them. I never had a way to do it that wasn't complicated. The iPad wound up being the answer to a lot of unrelated issues that I wanted to resolve over the years. I really feel that, for me personally, it's one of the most important advancements in mobile entertainment technology in the past five years."