Star Studio Dual-Cassette Radio

Year released: 1985

Just Blaze: "This may be a little hard to find now. The Star Studio was a dual-cassette deck that had a mic input. They sold tapes of instrumentals and you could sing your own vocals and record it onto another tape. Looking back, I realized all it really was what they called "track 1" and "track 2" was basically just left and right. They took a balance button and repurporsed it as "track 1" and "track 2". So when you would buy these instrumentals you would record them on the left side of cassette 1, you play that back, sing into it, and it would take both your vocals and your instrumentals, sub them to Mono and put them on the second tape deck. But you could go back and punch-in and stuff like that. For a kid in the '80s that was an introduction into recording and I eventually learned how things worked, because I discovered that it was just a left and a right subbed into Mono and now we're making songs."