Apple Powerbook G3 "Wallstreet"

Year released: 1999

Just Blaze: "I was the first person in New York to run Pro Tools on a Powerbook. We take running Pro Tools on a laptop today for granted. Back then it was something that cost me around $20,000 to put together. I had a 48-input, 48-output Pro Tools system running off a PowerBook G3. I remember when I was trying to build it, even DigiDesign told me, "It won't work, don't waste your money." I was determined to make it work. Back then no one was doing something like that and no one had a way of getting PCI cards to work with laptops. Pro Tools worked with PCI cards that would go into your desktop computer, laptops didn't have those slots. There were companies that made expansion chassises to give you more slots. Some companies were making adapters using these chassises with laptops but some weren't tested to work with Pro Tools and some were tested and didn't work. But there were a number of a chassises and cards you could use. It was all trial and error. I spent a lot of money I shouldn't have, but I eventually found a working configuration. 

"I want to say, if anything, that was my forary into computer-based production as we know it today. One of the first beats I made on it was Jay-Z's "Streets is Talking", which is how I met him. Had I not needlessly spent all that money putting this monster rig together—to be honest, I did it just to say I did it—I wouldn't have met Jay. 

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