Child Guidance Talk 'N Play

Year released: 1980

 Just Blaze: "When I was a kid we had books that had tapes or records that went along with it that would say, "When you hear this tone, turn the page." This took that concept a step further. It had four buttons—red, yellow, green, and blue—and depending on which button you pressed down, different sounds would play. So, you put the tape in—my favorite one was about some animals that started a rock band and the story was about them making their first song—so depending on which buttons you pressed down, different sounds would play. One button was a drum, one button was a guitar, one button was a bass, one button was a piano. If you pushed all four of them down, you would hear the whole band playing, if you took one out you would hear one less instrument, if you only had one pressed down you would hear a solo of that instrument. 30 years later, you can see how that translate to what I do now. Through my tinkering I realized that it was basically a four-track tape machine. Eventually, I learned how to record onto these tapes, so I was able to make my first four-track records at seven years old. Not even realizing what I was doing was making music, I found it interesting that you could play different tracks with the same tape."