Motorola PageWriter

Year released: 1996 

Just Blaze: "Known as the Motorola TwoWay, the PageWriter, for the first time, allowed you to talk to people without really talking to them. You could just send messages over the airwave with ReFLEX. The first two people who had them in the hip-hop industry were Clue and Duro. I knew what they were, I didn't have any friends that had any so it was kind of pointless for me to have one. 

"One of the dopest things about the PageWriter aside from a lot of the obvious was that it also had a built-in music editor. A lot of people, before they knew who I was as a producer knew who I was because I used to make ringtones for the PageWriters. The funny thing about it is, I remember stepping to a couple people I knew at phone comapnies back in the day and being like, "Yo, I'm making these ringtones off of popular songs, this could be a business. I can create them and you guys can sell them." They said, "Why would anyone want their ringer to be a song?" I got that from the AT&T executive. But it was crazy 'cause to make the ringtones was all programming. You had to program notes and durations and lengths and rests all by number. You could also program virbrations and you could program the LED lights to blink in rhythm. One of the bigget ones I ever did was Biggie's "Who Shot Ya". That was one of the things I got to be really well known for in the music industry. 

"I used to get mad at DJ Clue 'cause he would take alerts that I made—I would know like, 100 people, and Clue would know 2,000 people—and take my name off the alerts. I would name them: "Who Shot Ya by Just Blaze". He would take off the "By Just Blaze". He ain't want me to get no props. "